Who we are


Have you ever felt trapped in the wrong era? that you are perhaps in the wrong Space-Time? Well, I think I am. Dreamer and enthusiast by nature, because our best days are yet to come. I have never obeyed the phrase “Don’t talk to strangers” and I can’t imagine not being surrounded by people. Also, I’ve decided there’s no socially acceptable time to start drinking. With weapons a botanical Sauvignon Blanc, the rich Gewurztraminer or a glass of sprightly Muskrat I can cope with everything!


Incompatible with wasting time, I try to enjoy and take advantage of today to the fullest, while waiting full of dreams and childish enthusiasm for tomorrow , really hoping that each day will leave me its most intense, distinct “taste”, just like assyrtiko wine…makes you dream at the sight of its intense color, its aroma travels you and its aftertaste addicts you. Wine for me is a journey … a journey to different places, countries and cultures, a journey colorful, full of wonderful aromas, different acidity and unique aftertaste… just like life … and I love traveling..!

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